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  Genesis II Church Health Restoration centers
   • Colombia.

  Upcoming Genesis II Church MMS seminars
   • Sydney, Australia - April 18th - 20th 2014 - -==> Read more.
   • Wicklow, Ireland - April 19th - 20th 2014 - -==> Read more.
   • Brighton, England - May 17th - 18th 2014 - -==> Read more.
   • Portland, Oregon, US - May 23rd - 25th 2014 - -==> Read more.
   • Chosica, Peru - June 13th - 16th 2014 - -==> Read more.


  Upcoming Genesis II Church MMS Teaching seminars:

  Available positions:
   • London, United Kingdom - Apprentice for MMS seminars in various counties - -==> Read more.


   • -|- Red Cross Malaria Cure Cover-up petition -|-

    International Red Cross: Treat the victims of Malaria who are dying throughout the world: Sign petition.

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